A friend in need is a friend indeed

I bet that was no one in this world didn’t have a friend.  Based on the dictionary , Friends means One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause or movement. All my life, since i was kiddo, I have lots of friends, but the one that called a true friend, i might be […]

Dream. And. Believe.

I was not a religious person. My religion is Buddhist, but when i finished my university time, the practiced totally stopped also. I can said, i never go to temple or monastery anymore, but it didn’t mean the God not exist, it will be totally wrong. I believe God do exist, everyone just can pray […]

Citizen of the world

Do you ever heard about the word ” Citizen of the world ” ? It refer to the whole traveller around the world. Once i ever dream to be ” Citizen of the world ” and the dream still there and keep growing. I could said, i travel from my kiddo time. For me, travelling […]


Ok, this might be the hardest part, everything about introduction always made me dizzy. Don’t know what to write and tell.. I am a wedding organizer who loves to read and travel. My favourite books was in romance genre, loves everything with happy ending. I also love to read any books from indonesian author. When […]