A ” wedding ” organizer who still learn to organized herself

Never imagined that one day, i will become a wedding organizer. Truthfully at first, i was little bit worried about joining the community, just because i was an unorganized person. Why i said so? I am a ” i don’t care ” type.

How to describe this ” I don’t care ” type ?

If you ask, sometimes in the future, do i have my own dream wedding? I will answer, i don’t care as long as i get married and it is legal. If you ask, sometimes in the future, how many kids do i would love to have? I will answer, i don’t care as long as i had kids. But hey, this wasn’t the ” i don’t care ” type that i meant.. Hehe.. Just imagine what you want to describe this, and i just don’t care about what you think of me.. LOL

I learnt alot from this community, become more organized person, but still learn lots about that, learn about how to re-act to all things that happened and get solutions for the problems. Learn how to give respect to each other, learn how to give best service eventhough i am in the bad mood, learn how to being a leader, learn how to present myself, and so on. Eventhough i was already in this community for 4.5 years, still everytime i found a new things that happen and happen and happen.

Sometimes when someone gave me a good feedback, off course i felt PROUD to myself, but at the same time, no doubt, people also talk bad things about me. If i just follow my heart, i might be end up feel bad because of the bad news rather then heard about the good news.

Being an organized person might be never in my life list, i am just going with the flow person, but with this community, i try to organized myself being a better person and more organized in many sector. Off course all in a good way. 

So before i organized someone wedding, i might be well organized myself first. Don’t you think?




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