Dream. And. Believe.

I was not a religious person.

My religion is Buddhist, but when i finished my university time, the practiced totally stopped also. I can said, i never go to temple or monastery anymore, but it didn’t mean the God not exist, it will be totally wrong. I believe God do exist, everyone just can pray to Him on their own way, so do I.  I believe wherever we are, we can pray to Him.

Dream. And. Believe. This word means alot to me. Someone ever told me, put your dream to the highest and believe that you will be reached all your dream, again, with effort and support. You cannot just dream and wait. One things, just made your dream more spesific, it will help. I.e : if you ask for having a boyfriend, please be spesific, what type you want? If not, it might be you will had boyfriend but maybe younger and slimmer and shorter than you.

My dreams? I want to be a writer who can write anything that i want with good skill (just start with this blog), I want to go around the world for pleasure or for business (been there, done that — on progress). Around the world means go everywhere. I want to build my own wedding organizer ( which for now is on progress ). Other dreams might be follow. With all effort, i believe i can do that, but yes, it takes time, nothing in this world can be instant. I believe everything that you got instant, also can gone instant.

So let’s Dream. And. Believe.


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