Is ” wedding organizer ” a fun job?

When someone told me that, i might be laughing or might be choking. Well said, it was ” fun ” when you didn’t met a bridezilla or groomzilla or parentszilla or maybe bigfamilyzilla. As i know, i cannot find any job in the world without any risk. Though it could be fun, if you really love the job, love everything inside eventhough you had to face the bad side.

In my 4.5 years, i might be laughing to myself if i said the job was fun. Could be because nowadays this was the only job i had for survive. Might be sound petatic, but i enjoy both side ( good side and bad side ). Inspite of suffering because of the bad side, let’s see the good side, first thing to thought about, i met every type of people ( lots ), i also can had best compliment that i thought i never experience before, i also can work and travelling for free at the same time. So why not enjoyed it?

It was fun, when you enjoy, but it could be horrible if you always thought about the bad side. Fun if everything going well and everyone happy, but horrible if bad things keep happened and you will be the one that had the responsible for that.

Who wants to have ” fun ” ? Lemme know..



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