A friend in need is a friend indeed

I bet that was no one in this world didn’t have a friend.  Based on the dictionary , Friends means One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause or movement.

All my life, since i was kiddo, I have lots of friends, but the one that called a true friend, i might be cannot find it, or maybe i did have it, but sometimes in young age, the mood was UP and DOWN or might be still LABIL, so one time i thought A was my true friend and the other time, it could be B was my true friend. Are you Agree?

Let’s skip my young age to nowadays, I do have 2 best friends, Windy and Nancy. I knew these 2 ladies for 15 years. Both was there when i had my UP and DOWN, gave advice, gave attention, support each other, and i was there too for both of them while they had their UP and DOWN. To be honest, not easily to be a best friends with these 2 ladies, everyone had their own opinion about everything, but hey the chemistry was there. I remember from we still live at the same area until they both get married and live at the other part of Jakarta. In their single time ( before married ), we spent more time together, gossip-ing, chit chat-ing, clubbing until pyjama-ing. Everyone share their secrets ( is it ladies? ), every secret made us become closer and closer. After they both getting married ( and i am still single ), we were prefer quality rather than quantity of hang out together.

One thing that i always remember that we spent our day at Dufan when i hit my 30 yo. Surprise birthday from Windy and Nancy, and i did feel got hit when they both interogate me that night about everything that happened at the past year. Nancy told me, ” we are ready if you want unfriend us, but we did really need to tell you this because we care about you “. I knew that they want the best for me in every sector in my life, that’s why they told me what they feel about me and what  happened.

Feel grateful to had these 2 ladies become my best friend, like the quote ” A friend i need is a friend indeed ” , they just were there for me, and i was there for them, support and respect each other.  Hope our friendship become long lasting, we still had lots of things to do together, especially we are arranged to have travelling together ( just the 3 of us ), just don’t know when it can be realized. Soon? Maybe..

If you curious about Windy and Nancy, here they are. My Partners in Crime ( Windy – the one that sit at the left side, Nancy – the standing girl, the other was Me )


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