Day 1 : Starting my #30daysblogchallange


It is a word that describe my feelings for now. Why? I challange myself to do the #30daysblogchallange in 30 days in a row. Little bit worried because i just think i might be lazy in the middle of the challange, but well, need to do this just to proof to myself that i CAN!!

Since my last post, it just been a 3 months ago.  Gots tons of thougths but too lazy to write it down. And here i am..

Today, i  went to a wedding fair at JIEXpo Kemayoran with friends. Been long time since my last visit to a wedding fair. Met some vendors that i knew and chit chat a bit was quite fun though. Watching ” The Amazing Spiderman 2 ” and had late dinner at Pizza Hut just closed my day perfectly.

Might continue some stories tomorrow, since now, i am bit sleepy.

Good night Universe.










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