Day 2 : Three Months before my birthday

Hey hoo.. I am back for day 2..

It’s just been 3 months before my upcoming birthday. Have a special wish for this year birthday present ( finger cross ) but it still secret yet. Hopefully fullfill.. Amen..

So before the big day, i have 37 things to do and the last one is the biggest achievement for this birthday. I know it might be little bit hard to make a goal for this 37 things, but i will do my best. Why 37? Simply because i will celebrate my 37th birthday this year. I won’t tell my 37 things right now, but i will revealed it one by one. If the things been done, i will write it down. ( hey, too many 37 there.. )


1. #30daysblogchallange (CHECKED)

2. New business card (CHECKED) finally it just done.. delay for too long time..

3. ……. ( to be continued )

anyway, will be back for another stories tomorrow.. The post might be too short, but i encourage myself to write everyday. So it will better day by day..

Ciao for now,






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