Day 3 : First time staying at Hostel

Recently i was back from Singapore, holiday and some works there. Stay at a hostel.

Yep, hostel. Mixed dorm for 6 people. and this time we got 2 indian guys stay at the same room with us.

Mom might be shocked hearing this LOL, but hey it just another experience.

Remembering my first time stay at hostel, booking through Agoda and arrive late, crowded reception, and it just made them not explaining what to do and what should do. First, i was told them my name, they asked for my passport to crosscheck ( so apparently, Singaporean did not allowed to stay at the hostel ). Then i must give 20 SGD for key deposit and pillow case plus blanket. I should returned these 3 things before check out and got back my 20 SGD. They also give me name tag, i wrote down my info on the tag. And this name tag wasn’t being explain to me, i thought it was for my backpack, but i also got a locker at the room. Since the backpack was bigger and cannot fit in the locker, so i tag my backpack with that. ( before leaving room, i had a bad feeling )

So that time, when i checked in ( i had 12 mixed dorm ), 2 bed been booked and 1 Japanese guy just checked in, and well i still have a lots of choice for the bed. So it was 6 double bed, they even had 1 bed with the air con fit just beside the person who sleep there, getting frozen ( i wish i have the picture to show ). Off course i picked the best one, and put the blanket plus pillowcase and make my bed tidy. After that, i went for movie and dinner plus some shopping. I remember after dinner, i told my cousin, i kinda had some bad feeling but i have any idea. She just said, don’t think about it, just your feeling. So we just hang out until late.

By the time i arrived back at the hostel, go inside the room and turn on the light, TADAAAAA… someone sleep on my bed.. I wake her up and she just sleepy and not answering my question. She just keep saying one things, which is the TAG.. and later on, i realise it was my mistake. UGH.. and i asked for the her pillowcase and her blanket. So i need to move to other bed *sighhh* and TADAAAAA… the one and only bed was the one with the air con beside. Still feel lucky since i just stay for a night because the next day i had to catch a flight to Bali. So what to do? Before bed, i shower first and packing all my stuffs, and then go to bed. It’s around 1 AM, and need to wake up at 5 AM for airport.

It was a good experience though, since then, i always asked the detail, even it might be the same one with the last time, but i just need to be secure.

Some people might be feel unsecure to sleep at the same room with someone you didn’t know, and also with other gender. Can feel not safe, or any other bad things might happened. Bad smelly feet, farting, snoring or might be someone make out, it just an experience staying at Hostel.

Do you want to try?

Ciao for now,






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