Day 4 : Day trip to Bogor

Planned this trip since last year, but just done today.

Taking a train ( Commuter line ) from Tebet station to Bogor station took less than 1 hour. If at previous time, people just buy paper ticket, now they use the new method, buy the ticket card ( 9K ) for a single trip, tap and get in the platform and when arrive at the Bogor, either you can refund the card for 5K or you can refill for your trip back to Jakarta from Bogor ( 4.5K ) then you can refund the card at Jakarta when you get out from the station. The good thing about this new card ( 3 years old and up should have ticket ), avoiding people took some of their kids getting inside train and did not pay the exact fare (i.e 4 kids and just pay for 2). Image

Arriving at Bogor station, it just too crowded and before people getting too pack, i just refill my card for my way back ( lucky do this at morning time, because later on the queueing was CRAZY!! ), heading out from the station, on the left side you can find the Taman Topi ( Hat Park ) so they had several stores and the roof of the building was looking like a Hat, got Army hat, Mexican hat, Sport helmet and so on. Opposite from the Park, they had Taman Topi Square but the mall was just not really crowded.

Along the way to Kebun Raya Bogor, i found the tourist information of Bogor City.Image

At the same side of the street of this Tourist Information, there is a Herbarium Museum

( but it just closed on Sunday )


Opposite of the Museum was the Gate 2 of Kebun Raya Bogor, pay 14 K and straightly find the General Information or the Map of Kebun Raya Bogor Image

I am not captured many picture here, just enjoy the view and today was really hot. Eventhough i am at the park, but at some place they just had some grass and no trees. There was a museum also inside theΒ  Kebun Raya Bogor ( KRB ), called Zoologi Museum ( the price include at the ticket ). All the things inside was about animal ( means any animal, from fish, chicken, cow, snake, mouse and friends, insect, butterfly, snail, tiger, deer and so on )


You can find some plam tree also (?) inside KRB


Inside KRB, there was also the Bogor Palace, today it was open by i thought not for public since i saw some people there but with uniform. Sometimes they just open for public, but if you want to enter the palace, need to dress properly. No sandal and short.


2 hours inside KRB was enough, now heading for some foods. Outside gate 1, there was lots of foods ( at Jalan Surya Kencana ), so this time try to found the Ngo Hiong restaurant, walking along the street like half an hour and here comes the food.



Ngo Hiong contains Pork meat, potato and Tofu with some sauce


and for the drink, i order Es dawet ( this was a white dawet ). Fresh and Good. Finished lunch then go for some other foods. Having Roti Unyil ( it like a canape, just a small piece, i bought 10 piece and having it a KRB ) and Ngo Hiong, Es dawet, now going for Roti Salman.


It looks like Roti Cane, but it just not as soft as Roti Cane, had Original (4K/piece) and Chocolate (5K).

Anyway, there still LOTS of foods in Bogor if you want to explore, but i am too full for now. Heading back to Jakarta, using the commuter line, fall asleep at the train because too tired. Getting out from the train station and want to refund the ticket, *ughhh* the queue was also KRAZY!!! so keep the ticket for a souvenir.. LOL..

Might going to Bogor again some other time in the future.

Ciao for now,



P.S : 3. Going to Bogor ( CHECKED ) πŸ˜€



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