Day 5 : How to use Chopstick

Today i am back with post numero 5.

Posting about chopstick because i remember someone told me that i am Chinese and he never saw me using Chopstick. I’m just laughed for what he said. I am quite good with chopstick.

My Grandpa was the one who taught me how to use chopstick. He always ate by using chopstick, never saw him using spoon, maybe for drink a soup, he used his spoon. Even when eating rice ( he never used plate, always using bowl ), he using his chopstick.

So, here some example :


The right position using chopstick is, put your ring finger down at the chopstick and hold on, and using other finger to maintain the chopstick, Ugh.. you can saw the right one and the wrong one at the picture πŸ˜€


Don’t hold it too high or too low, if you do that, try eat noodles with that position, you will be splash by the soup. If you just hold it right, you can pick the smallest things like a piece of rice, small pieces of fries, even a bigger size things, but not the heavy one. I succeed pick a boiled egg, but too late to took the picture so its fall down and broke.



Ps: the box at the right was empty πŸ˜€

If you eating rice at bowl, they also had a way to do that. Lift up your bowl near your mouth and then using chopstick, push some rice to your mouth, and the wrong one was try to take your rice with your chopstick and it just make the rice fall down, unless you eat japanese rice, they are sticky, so will not fall down.


The picture, i took from Internet (not mine) Belong to ( this is the right one )


This was the wrong one using chopstick, picture courtesy of, but when you ate noodles, this was the right way, put the bowl or plate at the table, and pull up the noodles using chopstick. Or unless you eating pasta, you must use fork instead of chopstick.

My cousin who was vegetarian, always bring her chopstick, spoon and fork with her, everytime she was on traveling, and ask me to do so, because we never know what happened if we use the dirty one. I am not worried, always wipe it with tissue, but in my cousin case, she was vegetarian and afraid if the chopstick was not wash properly and still contains other meat or oil.

Basically , there isn’t any method with using chopstick, just they had the right position on holding your chopstick, but in my opinion, as long as you can take whatever you want to eat with the chopstick, it’s just fine. BUT, if you travel to small village at China and you just using chopstick not properly like the local, they just laugh at you.. Well, don’t worry about that, you are not Local.. LOL..

So? Learn the way or using your way, it’s your choice.

Ciao for now,




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