Waiting for my day 5 post

Fall asleep last night because too tired and skip writing a post for day 4. Feel little bit disappointed but yeahhh it’s ok.Finished the day 4 post and feel not satisfied, not with the story or the picture but with the layout , try to put an explanation for the picture but cannot find the exact thing. Will try for my next post.

I even already thinking about what to write for day 5. I read a twit from Marisckha Prudence, she said people might be bored read a long post, so please post it with picture, but might also feel bored if it too long and lots of pic. This might be true, but basically, people will like whatever you write even it was long or longgggggg, as long as your writing was interesting, no worries about that. Don’t you think?Β 

A-ha, i will write about chopstick today. Why chopstick? Just remember, someone told me, You are chinese but i never saw you eat chinese food and using chopstick. He was sooo wrong, i am good with chopstick.. LOL



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