Day 6 : Sleeping at the airport

For me, traveling already been a habit. Either just go to next city from Jakarta or go somewhere else.

When i travel, sometimes i stay at Hotel, Hostel, Someone’s couch, Family’s house or sometimes at the airport.Β  Why airport? Because i need to transit for my next destination and if i got out from airport to city just a bit wasting time and money, off course πŸ˜€

I remember my first time sleeping at the airport. I was waiting for my flight, back to Jakarta from Ho Chi Minh. Arrive late at Singapore and my next flight to Jakarta was around 7 AM in the morning. Since it was a connecting flight, i need to wait until morning. That was my first time staying a night at the airport and i decided not to book a room and just sleep at transfer lounge. But it turned out the lounge was full of people sleeping. So i just walked around and try to find a chair to sleep. And cannot find any chair. What to do now? I went to the computer and try to surf at the internet. It just half an hour and i was bored.

Walk around again, and finally found a chair. A long chair without handle. Yipppiee.. Now the problem is, i was bringing a cabin luggage and my bag, how to put them safe while i am sleeping. Also bringing my scarf and my jacket. So i made the luggage as my pillow, my bag as my bolster, jacket as blanket, and scarf to cover my face, help me avoid the lights. It was around 2 AM, i guess.. sleep for almost 2.5 hours, some security was coming and woke me up, and checking my passport and my ticket to Jakarta. Then they let me slept again.. LOL. The checking because there were lots of people trying to spend the night at airport for budget cutting. Where to find a comfort place to sleep and no need to pay? AIRPORT.

I am also ever sleep at the hotel airport at Changi ( Harilela hospitality ), they charge 47 SGD for 6 hours (the room without bathroom) single room. But they had the facilities for shower at the gym. As long as the time was not more than 6 hours. I did this when i had a transit from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh. Quite comfort but for 6 hours only, just a thought, not worthed for me. 6 hours, you might only sleep for 4 hours, 1 hours for shower etc, and 1 hour for unpacking plus packing. Though you can have a shower at Rainforest Lounge at Changi for 8 SGD / one time shower. Use this when i have my flight transit from Jakarta to Sydney. You just bring your exchange clothes. They had the towel and amenities.

The last time when i transit at Changi from Australia, i also sleep at the airport. Too bad this time, Changi change their chair, all with handle, so cannot sleep comfort, and i did not want to sleep at the floor. So i just sit down and try to sleep. Not working at all. Try to woke up, and so sleepy. Cannot wait for my next flight. As the morning come, i had my coffee and fall asleep on my way to Jakarta at the plane.

Been sleeping at Hongkong Airport too. Similar with Singapore. Similar with Ho Chi Minh.

Tips for sleeping at the airport :

1. Bring your own jacket, believe me, even when you in the hottest country, it just cold at night, you can freeze by the air con

2. Bring your scarf and hat, it help you avoiding the light or maybe if you didn’t want people saw who you are. LOL

3. Make sure your clothes are properly for sleep at the chair, no sackdress, always use pants or jeans and socks ( this is a must )

4. Make sure your stuffs already be with you before you fall asleep, don’t live it at the trolley or out of sight. You never know.


Still want to try?

Ciao for now,








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