Day 7 : Towers

I am too obsessed with TOWER. Yes, that one, that high buildings.

It was my first time visiting Taipei 101 ( September 2009 ), that time the price was kinda expensive for me and the queue was KRAZY. Holiday season. Later on, i got a chance back to Taipei again, and yes, i did go to Taipei 101, no matter what i must go up there. Pay NTD 400 ( now NTD 450 ), queue for taking picture with the Taipei 101 background, then heading up to 89th floor, for indoor observatory, too bad the outdoor deck at 91st  was closed that day during bad weather. Since it was square shape, you can saw the whole taipei through the window, side by side. Even they had the touchscreen information and view, exactly the same like you saw outside the window. So you know what you see. Then went down to 88th floor, to see the damper. This was the thing that hold the building from earthquake.


The second tower that i had been was Petronas. Never visiting Kuala Lumpur, just made me too curious with the Twin Tower. And i decided go to Kuala Lumpur at end year 2012. with RM 80, you can visit 2 place, the Sky Bridge (41st floor ) and the observation deck ( 86th floor ), i bought the ticket at 11 AM and just got the 5 PM ticket, so make sure you came earlier for buying the ticket.


Next tower, Macau Tower. First, i was thinking to do the bungy jumping, BUT when arrive, i just lost my guts *sighh* After i saw the price, it just too expensive to have the bungy jump ( just a thought if i already buy the package, i must do that or i loss my money) When i arrive, there was 1 guy, tourist from China did the bungy jump, we can saw him from a TV near the bungy jump area. Saw this guy jump just made my heart beating too fast. Later on when i visiting Ocean Park Hongkong and ride the Abbys, i just lost my gut after i arrive at the top. Just thrilling.



If someone asked me, which tower you want to go and why? i definitely said MONAS, because it was a tower and it was in Jakarta and i did not go up there yet. What a shame.

Other list to visit :

Bitexco Financial Tower at HoChiMinh, Sydney Tower, Eureka Tower at Melbourne, Sky 100 at Hongkong, Shanghai Financial Center and Oriental Pearl Tower at Shanghai and others.

Hope all in 2014, amen..

Ciao for now,






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