Day 8 : Airport Staffs

It’s been a week since i start my #30daysblogchallange, had 3 weeks more to finish..

I have been traveling to some country.  This time i want to tell a story about airport staffs.

The most visited country for me was Singapore. I thought since Singapore was a “fine” city, so there won’t be any corruptor, but i just found one. There was one time,  i went to Krabi through Singapore. Not using connecting flight. Stay one night at Singapore and then departed to Krabi the next day. I didn’t bought any baggage, so just had the cabin luggage. From Jakarta – Singapore, Singapore – Krabi, Krabi – Singapore, there wasn’t any problem, the problem come at my flight from Singapore to Jakarta. After i check in, at the gate through Immigration, i awas being called by the ground staff of the airlines i took. They said my bag was too big to get inside the cabin, and it needed go to craft baggage.  As for that, i should paid some extra cost, around 300 SGD, said i was being ” fine ” because of not obeying the rules. I was shock, and i told them, i didn’t had any money anymore and he just pointing me where was the atm. I explained my situation that my luggage already getting inside the cabin since my traveling from Jakarta and i insist for not paying but they just didn’t let me in. Then they try to bargain for the extra money that i had to paid because i told them 300 SGD was insane, better i go to check-in counter and check my baggage now, i just need to pay 60 SGD.  Then suddenly they said, OK.  So i paid and they made a letter for the staff at the boarding room, to took my luggage if they thought it was too big enough for cabin.I was had a bad feeling for this. And when i arrived at the boarding room, nothing happened. Just lost the 60 SGD for nothing. Ughhh…

Next when i was at India, the body check area after the immigration was always long queue-ing. They made it separated between men and women. Men got 4 or 5 lines and women got 1 line. So you need to take out you laptop, key, coins and all metal stuffs, plus take off your belt and shoes. Then go one by one to the body detector. Men got their own body detector while women got their own room for body checking. Either because the airport was so busy and so crowded or they just work carelessly, i saw all the of them was just do things with some angry face, lousy and not friendly. Plus when i had my visa on arrival, there was some problem at the VoA desk, and the officer keep mumbling things and keep swearing. This was worse when they said they are also human, need sleep at night and they just got night shift, so better don’t mess up with them ( do i care of they got lack of sleep? Off course NOT, it just their night shift, so they should take rest at day time and then working on night time, so you won’t sleepy, don’t you think? ). It’s 60 USD ( 2.750 rupee ) for the VoA. I got rupee at the moment and they keep asking USD to me and then will exchange to rupee plus have fee 2 USD for the exchange. Luckily i brought my rupee and got ripped for 25 rupee, just because he said, he didn’t had a change for my VoA ( i gave 2.800 rupee and got 6 days to stay at India ). Well it’s ok for me, just need to be in a hurry leaving that desk.. the good news, i was being escort to pass the immigration like VIP. LOL…

Other was when i was at Thailand, the queue at immigration desk for getting out from airport to city was pack, full of people and the officer was lazy. They even can took a phone call while doing the immigration stamp like they did not care who come to their city. I was in a hurry to catch my next flight, looking for the ground staff to help me out and tell her that i have like only 1 hour to check in for my next flight. She just like  ” don’t worry, you will catch your next flight, just queue “. And i was just not lucky with the queue because my queue-ing line was closed and need to move to next counter. Errrr… Almost missed my next flight but thanks God, at that day, the son of  Thai king was on his way traveling out the country and airport was chaos, some check-in counter are being closed and delayed, and i just got in time, being the last person check-in and safe.

At the counter for Airport Express in Hongkong, i also got bad experience, not helpful at all. And the one just help me and talking in English was an old guy who was the cleaning service, surprisingly the uncle was informative. He was so helful, either draw a map for me.. Yeay, go uncle, go!!!

No matter where you go, you will always meet a friendly and unfriendly person. Though they will be the the one that help you or lost you.

Will you help someone who lost at the airport if you know the information? Well, i’ll do, but depend on the situation 😛

Ciao for now,




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