Day 10 : City Girl

If you ask me, am i a CITY girl ? YESSS, I AM.

I don’t like beaches ( pro : though i am ok playing at the seaside, splashing water, running at beachs, or sunbathing maybe, con : i hate stepping on the sands with naked foot and get sandy after finish from the beach, i hate getting wet sand also )

I don’t like forest ( pro : though i like greenny things, like camping, like bonfire, con : i hate dark forest, hate the insect, hate the night sound of the forest )

I don’t like mountain ( pro : though i love the cold weather, con : i hate if i had to climb )

Why city? Mall girl? NOOOO.

I am not mall girl, the connotation about city always mall, though they had a museum, walking tour, or foodie tour, etc. I prefer explore the city itself with walking maybe, or bus, or city tour bus.

I can spending time explore some city with walking, sometimes just sit beside the window at the coffee shop and sipping a coffee and daydreaming, seeing people come and go, talking, walking or maybe just writing about what i did today.

Join me, maybe?




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