Day 11 : Criteria for Mr. Right?

Ugh.. miss one day again..

Yesterday i had a wedding event, sitting dinner reception. Chinese wedding. Arrived home very late and i am too tired plus sleepy coz i woke up at 4 am and just finish the wedding at 11 pm.

For a wedding reception, i thought beside Indian, Indonesian always had a big big wedding party. Not to mention the number of the guest, the budget for the party it self also a huge spent. I have been in this industry since 2008, seeing couple come and go, all with love and sacrifice, though also i know some of them were not being together again sometime in the future after their marriage, in any cause.

Everyone should get married, either now or later, they will. Looking for a right partner to share the rest of your life wasn’t that easy ( in my case, that’s it ). People always said, hey, where is your Mr. Right? I intend to said, i have Mr. Right Now, and not yet find my Mr. Right. If i was being asked about my criteria about my Mr. Right? I will said, someone that will connected with me in all way for our future. Not specific one like, he must be handsome ( oh this is sooo not right, though i won’t reject this kind of guy πŸ™‚ ), he must have white skin ( you don’t want to date a guy with better skin than you, right? ), he must be adorable ( i didn’t want this guy just because he was too kind with other, yes, other girls πŸ˜› ) he must be patient with me ( what do you mean by patient ) and so many criteria that kinda not make sense. Been there done that.

Too much criteria just killing me.

Which one you choose for your Mr. Right :

  • The handsome face but poor or the ugly face but rich
  • The handsome face but too protective or the ugly but not too protective
  • The adorable with overweight body or the skin one without too much expression
  • the mama boy or the rebel boy

And many other choice that you might looking for.

You will never know who you meet in the future, but for the one who is out there, who is still looking for life partner like me, we will get it. One day will be, off course with all effort, you WILL.





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