Day 12 : Dear Diary

Back to my young age, i had a diaries, one for my friends to write down about their profile and they must put 1 selfportrait ( actually this was for own collection but everyone must had it ) and the other one was my own private diary, a place to express myself and my feelings. Mostly writing about guys that i like. A,B,C and so on. Just realize, i am normal like other kids who easily fall in love with guys.. LOL..

Back to my young age, my first crush was when i at my first grade of junior high school, i am 13 and he was 17 or 18, we broke up because he getting married to someone. Ughhhh.. then come Mr. B, C, D, E, F, G, H ( pfhewww so many ), enough said about the whole Mister.

Nowadays, in the internet era, i guess no one will use the Diary to write down things, mostly maybe exchange it into Blogging. It was the same with diary but if you blogging everyone can see it at the internet. So it might be not so secret anymore. Unless you didn’t want others to know, please just don’t write any secret at your blog.

” Dear Diary, today on my way back from school, i saw that guy, the guy that make my heart melted everytime i saw his smile. He just passing me with smile on his face and say ” hi “. And i just did the stupidest thing, i ran away because i am too shy to reply his ” hi “.  He was a bit confused for what i did, but he just keep walking away.  “Will he say Hi again sometimes next time to me? ” I will reply to his Hi next time.. I promised, I will next time.. ”

Oh myyy.. i thought i just made the stupidiest conversation in my head back at my young age. To think about it right now, i feel so silly, but hey, everyone might be doing the same thing, right? The same stupid things about whoever you crush with.

Dear Diary, i might be leaving for not writing to you again, but i promise to keep you always in my heart, you are my closest friend when i was young, You are the one that always be with me without any hesitation, you maybe never reply me but you always remain silent to everyone when i told you about him. You will always be my friend forever.




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