Day 14 : Bikers

Traffic Jam in Jakarta was a reguler issues. It happened everyday, start from 6 am until after office hours, no matter where you are, near office building, near street market, or even near malls. Lots of cars and motorcycle made the road always looks messy. This time, i want to tell a story about the law breaking of the biker.

Jakarta similar with Vietnam, lots of motortcycle everywhere. It was because too easy to have a motorcycle, you just need to made the down payment around Rp. 500.000,- to have your own motorcycle. Since the traffic jam getting crazier, people intend to use motorcycle rather than using cars. To compare Jakarta with Vietnam especially Ho Chi  Minh, i can guarantee Ho Chi Minh have more motorcycle users, but they just more polite and respect the pedestrian. Not like Jakartarians. Jakartarians more harsh.

Been to Ho Chi Minh before, and being told if you want to cross the street and cannot find any traffic light, you can just cross easily, look for your right or left, and if you found out there was a motorcycle approaching, just cross without stopping, they might be not slowing their speed, but they will cross at your back and you won’t get hit. Though the motorcycles population was bigger than Jakarta, they won’t drive their bike at certain speed that will made them brake the law, thats why their helmet was using an open face helmet. You might hard to find a helmet with covering all the head that made you did not know who was riding the motorcyle.

Back to Jakarta, i am a pedestrian , since i cannot drive and did not like taking motorcycle. If i should ride a motorcyle, i will use an    ” Ojek ” ( a transportation by motorcycle that you must paid if he taking you with his bike to a place that you want ), and must using helmet. OK, i am not telling about the ” Ojek ” just want to tell story about biker.

Since the traffic jam not yet being solved by the government, Lots of biker, the user of the street not obeying some rules ( though everyone thought breaking the rule was SUPER COOL ).

  • No Helmet
  • No Rearview mirror
  • Going on path for pedestrian when they stuck at traffic, annoying the pedestrian with their honk cause they want to across
  • Even when someone are already step on the zebracross, they thought they are the boss, need to go first than the crosser
  • They even not pay attention on someone way ( walking ) they just kept every path was their way
  • Just go on the opposite direction of the road, just want to safe little bit distance

Might have some rule that they brake, but i have no idea for now. I really want to take some picture when they cross the path of pedestrian, but it might can be sue for taking someone picture without permission though i just want to let others know that these biker are not polite and harsh. They also had some story about the biker.

A pedestrian walking at their path and heard a motorcycle approaching him, he just hate when a biker ride on the pedestrian way, so he kept walking in the middle. The biker was not patient at all, so he try to threaten the pedestrian. He got hit a littleee bit and angry,

Pedestrian : “Hey you, why you harm me? You just ride your motorcycle on my way”

Biker : “i already horn you to move away”

Pedestrian : “i heard your horn, but you just know this is not your way, so please don’t be rude and obey the rule. i will call police to taking care our case

Biker getting upset because he said he was in a hurry, but the pedestrian want him to wait for the police.

Police : ” Hey what happened? “

Pedestrian : “He just threaten me, because i walking on this way, and i am blocking his way, though he know this is pedestrian way, not motorcycle way”

Biker : ” hey, i just in a hurry, thats why i use your way, and hey mr. Police, why don’t you coordinate the traffic jam with other police, please don’t just sit down and watch and took our money, you just useless “

Police : getting upset being point like that, then he shout out loud to the Pedestrian ” Hey you, if you slow down, and let him passed, i will not coming to here to heard his insult to me”

How can a police talk like that. Just not polite at all.

You ever find a ego police or ego biker? I do, lots time..





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