Day 16 : Airplane

Wherever you go, you will always need a transportation. Either by plane, ship, boat, car, train, bus, subway, or any other. This time, i want to write about plane.

The airlines that i took before :

  1. Air Asia
  2. Lion Air
  3. Wings Air
  4. Sriwijaya Air
  5. Merpati
  6. Citilink
  7. Garuda Indonesia
  8. Eva Air
  9. Cathay Pacific
  10. Jetstar
  11. Tiger Air
  12. Mandala ( now under Tiger Air management )
  13. Adam Air ( not exist anymore )
  14. Malaysian Airlines
  15. Qatar Airways
  16. Singapore Airlines
  17. Jet Airways

The airlines which comes with beverages : Garuda Indonesia, Singapore Airlines, Eva Air, Cathay Pacific, Malaysian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, others you need to purchase, not included with the price that you pay for your ticket. In my opinion, all airlines comes with foods, beverages and in flight entertainment was great. You can relax and have meal at the air. But every plane just bumpy when you passed the clouds, no matter it is good airlines or not.

Here some stories about what happened at the plane.

  1. On my way back to Jakarta with Eva Air, the stewardess serving meal, she was pretty with great smile. An auntie saw her kindness and suddenly try to take a picture of her (with blitz, thats why she knew). The Stewardess did not happy about that, and ask the auntie to delete the picture directly. Lesson : Do not take picture of someone else without permission, i hate that also.
  2. I didn’t want being racist, but on my way to India, lots of Indian at the plane and they just shouting each other ( from the front to the back and from the back to the front). It just annoyed other people. Though we had 4 hours flight and some of us want to sleep. It happened also when i got back from somewhere else and 2 Indian sit beside me, and talking all the way and i am frustrated.
  3. On my way to Taipei, i was at the same flight with some ” TKW – Tenaga Kerja Wanita or Female Labor ” the one that sit beside me didn’t understand English, suddenly after settle at the air, she took out her phone and texting, OH MYYY.. and later on, her phone was being take by the stewardess, and she can have it back when arrived in Taipei
  4. Same with when i flight back to Singapore from Ho Chi Minh, a guy sit beside me, did not understand English at all, and keep texting on his phone along the way to Singapore at the plane. I was frustrated about this guy and he just looking at me, and getting confused why i mad, and i CANNOT find any flight attendant to taking care about this problem. Luckily we just safe.
  5. On my way back to Jakarta with Qatar, a couple was sitting on my seat, and i asking them to move and they pretend didn’t understand English. I call the flight attendant and she explained to them and they move with grumpy. Later on when the meal is coming and they just speak English fluently for their order. DAMN!!
  6. 3 women that cannot speak English was working overseas and they were on their way back to Jakarta. Stuck with some conversation with the flight attendant and need help to order the meal. Need help! I just asked what they want and later on, they give me souvenir for helping them πŸ˜€
  7. If you took Air Asia, you have Hot Seat, and you need to pay for the Hot Seat. Some Indian guy was too stubborn to obey the rules. They just saw the seat was empty and just sit there nicely. Being told by the Stewardess to move and later on moving in again for like maybe 5 or 6 times. At the end of the day, they just being warned and still didn’t care, until the stewardess just too tired to talk with these STUBBORN guys.
  8. On my way back to Jakarta from Sydney, i sit by the window, and a fat guy sit beside me. This flight that we took just have charger for electric,Β  we had 7 hours flight and he just put all his gadget like handphone, laptop and ipod charging there and i CANNOT get out even if i need to go to washroom and he just didn’t ask my permission to do that. I am ok though if he asked. And later, i found why he was so fat. He drank Coke everytime. if i can count, he took more than 15 glasses, like everytime he got thirsty, he drank Coke. Oh my..
  9. Remembering my first time take a big plane, i was giving seat number 56, and i told the check in staff that i didn’t want to sit at the back, he just smiled and told me, “it was at the middle mam” and i just ” ohhh ” with blushing face. The plane have 79 row πŸ˜€
  10. Finally: Wherever you go, once the plane was stop, everyone start standing and grab their things like they will get out from the plane very very soon. Not Indonesian only, EVERYONE DID THAT!!





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