Day 17 : My Saturday

Been to LaPiazza twice today. For lunch and for dinner. Since it was weekend, definitely CROWDED and HOT. Lots of people getting around, pack, quequing, hard to find a place to sit and etc etc.

Lunch : been there with my friend and her daughter, craving for some foods. Weather was just OK, and then we got our ” es campur ” sitting at the table, but suddenly the sun came up, getting HOT and quickly finish our beverages. Now looking for the main course, both decide to have ” Lontong cap Gomeh ” kinda plain, just ” Lontong ” ” Labu ” and ” Chicken “, i put some chilli and yes, it not getting better but HOTTER, same like the weather. Sweating like pig after finish the Lontong. Getting around at the mall for 2 hours, just for the aircon. Before heading back home, had ” Baso ” again. Ugh just finish my lunch and early dinner before back home.

Dinner : My brother called and ask me to join dinner at LaPiazza ( again ) 😀 Just change to another clothes and departed again after he pick me up. Tonite dinner was ” Nasi Pecel ” kinda like rice with boiled (?) vegetables with peanut sauce. And ( again ) getting around at the mall.

I have eaten LOTS of food today, and still hungry. Wondering what happened with my stomach 😦 I do enjoying my Saturday though.

Been to LaPiazza for several time since the Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival started. One thing for sure, the place was PACK of people and some people still bring their baby and the strollers, I know they might want to spend family time together, but i didn’t think it a suitable place for a baby. Beside PACK, it was HOT, and too be pity for the babies to be there. Don’t know how to explain it in detail but i feel frustrated thinking about it.

Found someone with a wheelchair also, trying to escape from the CROWD for looking something to eat there. Why don’t you just ask someone to bring it home? *Sigh*




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