Day 18 : MRT / MTR / Metro or Tram

Usually transportation in the city can be by Taxi, by Bus, by Subway / MRT / MTR or by Bicycles.

The cheapest one is Bicycle off course but it just took long time to arrive. This time i want to share about MRT / MTR / Metro or Tram

My first MRT was in Taipei. Remembering the MRT map always made me confuse ( hard remember the name, but easy to read where to where ). But it just fun, how to read and try to remember which way i have to departed and when i had to get out after reaching my destination, all must be done like locals, so i usually write it down at my phone, though sometimes need to look for the map INSIDE my bag.. LOL.. Later on, i just being honest, not to pretend being local and it just cost me my time, since mostly i got lost.. 😦 πŸ˜€

First : Taipei Metro , for taking the train, you can buy the ticket for day pass, 24 hours pass, one coin single trip, or you can have a Taipei Pass ( 1 day / 2 days / 3 days / 5 days ). Taipei Pass can be returned, i used this for my first time in Taipei, buy for 3 days Pass, you do not worried where to go, just tap and go. Second time i took the one coin single trip for everywhere i go. Anyway, later on, i kept the coin for myself as a souvenirΒ  πŸ˜€ . I still had no idea how to buy the coin or pass at the vending ticket, every time buy it at information area, and too bad, even i try to speak Mandarin to them, they still little bit confused with my language, then better just show which destination i have to go, they just tell me how much should i pay and got the coin. Inside the Metro, they had the information above the door, so don’t worry to get lost, just need to remember, at which station you should get out from the Metro. They had the running text inside the MRT, to tell which is the next station, in English, Mandarin and Japanese. You can bring your Metro map with you and don’t worry to open it up and read the map, with that, people will be helpful to you if you ask for help, JUST don’t look so LOST or you might get scam. Oh, the map of the MRT also easy to read,

Second : Singapore MRT, for this MRT, you can use EZ Link ( MRT card ) or you might be using a paper card just for a single trip. Also Tap and Go. The Fare depend on how far you travel, so the neared the cheaper ( Taipei also apply this type for the coin single trip ). Easy to buy or recharge at the vending ticket also. Just be careful if you want to top up at the information area, please talk loudly and clear. I had this bad exp, i ask for top up 15, he got me 50.. Ugh… Inside the MRT, you also can read the information above the door, and the running text also helpful, this MRT sometimes apply English, Mandarin and Hindi language. Map was also easily to read.

Third : Hongkong MTR, you can buy the Octopus card at the airport after you arrive. It can be top up and also based on the distance fare. Map was easily read, as long as you know where to go. Inside the MTR also had some information in different language. So don’t worry to get lost. Just one problem, not all HongKong people can speak English or Mandarin. They prefer speak Cantonese. So sometimes no luck if you met them and need help.

Fourth : Sydney Metro, i prefer walking rather than taking Metro ( just if i had time ). The fare did not based on the distance, they got fixed rate. But they separated the area with 3 section. So you will find multi 1, multi 2 and multi 3. For me, it just too complicated, so i didn’t buy any multi pass. Just buy single trip ticket and just walk around the city, not too far from one station to others. If you like to walk and see the city, please do, if not, you better take the train to arrive faster ( mostly it was subway for the city train ). You can browse toΒ  looking information for the Sydney Train.

Fifth : Melbourne Tram, only using tram to getting around Melbourne. They also apply the zone, had 3 Zone. I stay at Zone 1, stay for 5 days, but not everyday going around, so i just buy daily pass, just everytime i might be going around. For me, this tram was easily, but also don’t forget to check the map everytime you might have to change at the intersection, they didn’t had transit station, so you must get out and departed on other side. You can check it at

Other that had train city was in Europe, Russian (CMIIW). You just need to buy a daily ticket and getting inside the train or tram, no one will coming and check you ticket everytime. But there will be some time like random check by the train staffs. Though people was obeying the rule for buying ticket before depart at the train. Or if they found out you didn’t have ticket, you will be ” FINE ”

Jakarta will have it’s own MRT also sometimes in the future, the station still on progress. But will see.. 2 or 3 years again. MAYBE?



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