Day 19

Started the #30daysblogchallange and getting into day 19 kinda excited me, it means i can do this for 30 days, though i skip 2 days 😦 so far i still have some story to tell, but sometimes little bit frustrated me how to start. Hopefully getting better and better.

Had some rough day lately, got some bad news but i am still lucky to have some good news in between, it means i need to say Thanks for the good and the bad time. And just found out still got some things to do.

  1. Finish my 36 goal before birthday
  2. Planning my next trips, got the destination yet, but not yet preparing. Ughh…
  3. New job on the way (?) Still waiting for the good news.
  4. Some wedding job on the way, need lots of attention before taking break.

I really need to focus to doing all what i need to do. Kinda hard to get focus also lately. Too much stuffs to think about. I do really need a break, but better finish this all before break so i can really relax my mind when taking break. Wish me luck.




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