Day 20 : What i wear daily, at work and when traveling

Lately i was following some fashion blogger at Instagram, not meaning want to be fashion blogger also, since i am not a fashionista. Mostly the clothes that i have was all in dark colour, and mostly i had t-shirt. Had some dress but not wearing it in the moment. Like pants better. LOL.. Sometimes, i might be dress nicely, and sometimes must be in bad mood and effect what i wear. Must be chasing by the fashion police *i think*

My daily wear was a bit casual, with pants and t-shirt, plus shoes. When going to party, i dress better, but always in black colour. Ughh.. I always thought i might be dress properly when i go traveling so i can take good picture, but it turn out i always wears something comfort me, not stylish me, cause i might be walking a lot and cannot afford some clothes that made me feel uncomfort.

I.e : When traveling to Bali, the weather was hot, i prefer wear short pants and tanktop, later on, i got bad sunburn and then back to t-shirt and short pants. Wants to wear flower dress, and turn out little bit windy but still shiny, not comfort wear that. Then back to t-shirt and short pants.

I.e. : When i traveling to Hongkong in end of Feb, the weather still windy but not that cold, so instead of bring my jacket, i bring some cardigan and hoody, Want to wear a skirt, but cannot stand for the wind, so the whole time, i wear jeans and wear cardigan or hoody, later on the picture was all in hoody and cardigan. LOL

I ever try wear dress to impress, but it turn out, not dress to kill, but i need to kill my dress, just feeling uncomfort because it was too short when i sit, and i am busy try to cover my thigh *Oh nooooo*

My daily wear : casual with t-shirt or jeans plus cardigan and shoes, sometimes i wear skirt also


My work uniform : a batik dress or long black trousers with t-shirts or long black trousers with tank top and blazer


When i was travelling







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