Day 22 : Solo Traveling part 1

Being single not stopping me doing things. I can go to movies by myself without arguing what movie to watch, i can eat whatever i want without arguing, i can go wherever by myself, hey i also going to karaoke alone LOL. I enjoy doing things by myself.

Going solo on traveling really made me improve myself. Improve my personality, speaking, how to read a map, how to arrange, etc.

Some friends asked me : Why solo? Didn’t you feel pathetic? No one accompany you and you still go? Me : Well, so what? It’s not a big matter for me. Think I’m kinda miss my solo traveling now. No need itinerary, just need the info where should i go, what i want to do. And later on, will decide when i arrived at the place i go. Googling how to go from airport to my hotel, hotel to other places. Sometimes, you can find lots of information at the tourist visitor area, and take some brochure to look for places i want to go, but sometimes feel it just easier to search at the internet and find someone article to help.

My first solo traveling was Singapore, just been 2 years after family trip, that time, try to read direction for the MRT. Arrived at the pointed MRT and get lost straightly because i took the wrong turn. Got to ask someone to go to my hotel. Survived and arrive safely.. with TAXI.. LOL… Next destinations was easier after the first time.


  • You can go wherever you want, without arguing with others
  • You can wake up late even when you already set time to start tomorrow
  • You can change your itinerary whenever you want


  • You cannot take picture by yourself, you need help others to do that if you want the picture contains you and the scenery
  • If you get lost, you get lost alone

There were lots of PLUS and MINUS about solo traveling, maybe you also experience some. But solo traveling never fail me, need to do that sometimes in the future, SOON

Next time i will write about my Solo Traveling experience.





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