Day 23 : Transit

What are you doing when you have transit at the airport, waiting for your next flight?

Usually it depends on how long the transit of the flight that i took, if at Singapore and more than 5 hours at day time, i will be going outside to the city, took 2 hours for going and back. If less than 5 hours, i usually just hang around at the airport, eating Burger King ( my fave ), and just sitting looking at the airplane come and go. Or you might be go shopping on duty free. To be honest, i just ever bought iPhone earpod ( because i got free voucher from Singapore Airlines ) and bought some lotion and parfum plus sandals. Never bought chocolate or clothes or branded stuffs. Or sleeping at the airport if i transit at midnight.

Been transit at Hongkong also, go out just  to the IFC, have lunch and back to airport. Nothing more to do since i got tight time. And little bit confuse with the airport since it was HUGE. Airport shopping, duty free kinda same with Singapore airport. Other time, i was transit only for 2 hours, sitting at some cafe, sipping a cup of coffee and watch people come and go until my boarding time.

Transit at KLIA and LCCT at Kuala Lumpur also just had time for having lunch. Lots of things to see, but i just prefer looking for food. LOL.

Transit at Sydney to my way back to Jakarta, also looking for food, hohohooo..

Actually at the airport when you in Transit, you can find lots of things to do, Lots of shops to go, even they had playground for kids, lots of people come and go, or you might be just sitting and enjoy your day, waiting for your next flight.

Seems like i prefer hunting for food, rather than shopping for other stuffs, or just getting around at the airport by walking. What do you like?



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