Day 25 : Solo Traveling part 2

These are some silly or stupid things i done when i go on Solo Traveling.

  1. First solo traveling was to Singapore, arrive at the airport, got my MRT map and go to the pointed station, get out and straightly lost direction and arrived hotel safely.. with TAXI.
  2. Singapore : Always buy lots of  Old Chang Kee and end up not finished it and throw it away
  3. Singapore : Recharge the Ez Link for 15, and the guy heard 50 T____T
  4. Singapore : Spend lots of money in the beggining and 3 days before i end my traveling, i live like a beggar.. Ouch…
  5. Hongkong : was looking for my place to stay, drop off at the right way but i got wrong turn, walked to the other side and then U-turn, find the name of the street but cannot find the number, ask someone, and found out the door to the apartment was at my BACK 😛
  6. Hongkong : Usually people clean cutleries using a glass of tea, the tea was given to me and the spoon plus chopstick, i thought i got a free glass of tea, just drank it like there is no tomorrow coz i am soooo thristy. And it was the tea for washing. Oops..
  7. Bali : Everyone thought i was Japanese, so they try to speak English to me, one time i was on the ParaSailing ride, the guys try hard to explain what should i do if i want to get down in English, i just sit nicely and pretend i cannot speak Bahasa, but turn out it was little bit hard to understand, so i just replied and ask them to explain in Bahasa, and everyone was laughed and said to me ” why you tell me now, not from the start? “
  8. Bali : Pretend i was foreigner, but later on, i just remember, everything was quite expensive for foreigner.
  9. India : i have no idea if ladies cannot wear a short skirt or short pants, and i just wear that the whole time i am in india, and everytime i feel like when i walked by, everyone keep staring at me.
  10. HoChiMinh : always wrong when i want to say ” Thank you ” , it spell ” Kam-en “, and i always said ” come on “
  11. Sydney : Skip the breakfast and try to be local, it turn more expensive when you want to be local 😦
  12. Sydney : Do the walking tour and going back with Train, cause i walk too far.. and feel tired..

I still got long list for some silly things i did when i go on Solo. But somehow, i have some silly that made me soo embarrased.  And yeah, i still want to go Solo. You never know if you never try. It just the sensation. Even when you are in the most embarrased time, you will know how to survive when you are alone.

So you still want to go for Solo?




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