Day 26 : 100 ml liquid at your backpack

Traveling to overseas always made me suffer from drink and eat when i go on budget airlines. The dillema was if my flight was only 2 hours, usually i did not buy any food or drink, but if more than 3 hours, i might be consider about food and drink. Or usually bring my empty bottle for a refill at the boarding room, some of the airport had that.

Beside the empty bottle for the drink, if you go on backpack, surely you have to prepare some amenities for yourself. And need to pack it in 100 ml per item. I remember my first time traveling on backpack, i even got lots of my amenities in small pack rather than my clothes. LOL. Had  2 soap, 2 shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body lotion, baby powder, Nail polish, nail polish cleaner, face cleanser, face moisturizer, body mist and Parfume, all in 100 ml pack, and the airport staffs told me to throw 4 bottle because the rule was you only can bring 10 bottles, and i refuse to do that since this is my first time and i did not know the rule yet, they let me passed then. Lucky me.

My friend ever bought some “kaya”, 5 jug of 85 ml and being throw all at the boarding room check because they didn’t allow it to bring, and they did not let us know when we are in baggage check at the front gate, we try to debate coz it was not liquid that more than 100 ml, and the regulation, no thick liquid :”( . Also things that you cannot bring was some foam ( aerosol ) every liquid more than 100 ml, or maybe some un-classified liquid.

Some parfumes also got variety bottle also, there been one time my new parfume was almost going be thrown away, and i am so lucky, i bring the box with me, just i did not put the parfume inside the box because the box was almost being destroyed. The bottle looks bigger than usual bottles for 100 ml parfume, but i had the box that stated 100 ml.

Lately i only bring some bottle, soap, shampoo, conditioner, face wash and body lotion. Suprisingly i can live with that only. So i might travel more light then. They even had the small plastic for all your stuffs at the Sydney airport. You just put it all inside and show them later when you got to boarding room, and i had keep the plastic for my other trip. Quite good arrangement, Oh.. the plastic was transparent, then it even better.

Many times i go overseas and they always checking my backpack before getting inside the boarding room ( at Jakarta airport ), so i already know how to pack my stuffs, and after the checking i can put it nicely instead of throw them all in a hurry or i might be need to put it all out and try another arrangement again.. My suggestion, if you also going on suitcase, put all your stuffs inside suitcase beside the one that you need for urgent and put it in your backpack. Your 100 ml bottles can be some problems also if you did not have a good bottles. It happened to me one time, my body lotion was explode inside my bag because of the cabin pressure. Lucky i put another plastic to separate it. Oh, and you might not want to use your highlighter pen at the plane, it just like the liquid meltdown and will make some messy things.



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