Day 27 : I love my Job

” When will you organize your own wedding ? “

It was a good question that people ask me always. And my answer was always ” SOON ” ” If i had my future husband yet “

Well, people was always intent to ask me since i always organize someone wedding. I love my job no matter how hard or how fun it looks. Well, every job in the world always have plus and minus. But if you like your job and have fun with it, it might be not as hard as it seems. Don’t you think?

Never thought that one day i will have this job, it just came out from nowhere because i am bored with my previous work. First timer was always hard, just thought i might be cannot survive, but hey, i am survive and love everything about wedding. BUT, if you ask me, what is my dream wedding, to be honest as for now, i have no idea. Just need to make it simple, if i organize my own.

I have been told, before i was taking the opportunity to work in this industry, some of my family just told me not to do, it can made me not getting married in the mean time, just busy with other people wedding, but i believe, i will one day.. Though i am not yet until now.. LOL.

Some of my friends was little bit jealous with my job, PLEASE DON’T!!! You never know what will come to you, could be good or bad, even some of them want to try to be my team at the wedding day. Trust me, not that easy that you saw. I just feel lucky, i start in a good hand, all my mentors was giving the best, though somehow i feel it just too complicated, but it just worth it.

Somehow i think i might be stuck in this industry for a while, though i might be consider other side job again. Had some offering but still dilemma with it. I had other preference that i want so badly, but no chance to it.. OHHHHHHH.. Let’s get back to the subject. This industry will never die, everyone getting married all the time, maybe some did not need wedding planner / wedding organizer, but lots of couples need it.

Like i ever said, i love my job because i experience lots of FUN and CRAZY moments. This job was taking me to the higher level also. Will share some PROs and CONs in my next post.






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