Day 28 : Pros and Cons about being Wedding Organizer

Since i live in Indonesia and staying in Jakarta, i will talk about wedding in Jakarta. Wedding Organizer are growing lately and everyone see it as a good opportunity, everyone want to work in this industry. Everyone think it will be fun working there, yes i know, it will be lots of FUN to be involve at someone BIG day, but let’s see some not so good things.

CONs :

  • You may not have holiday because mostly wedding was on the weekend
  • The couple also working, so they just can had a meeting after office hour or weekend
  • You must can be reach 24/7 , no matter where you are and what you do
  • There will never be enough hours for a day start from a week before you client wedding day
  • You have to remain calm, even when you are in your stressful day
  • You must be multitasking when you have lots of clients
  • You will always be the one to be ” blame ” if something bad happened
  • Be a wedding organizer somehow you might be like being someone slave LOL, it is your job to make the things happen no matter what
  • After all, the reputation is everything, so please don’t ruin someone wedding.

Well, it also had a good things.

PROs :

  • You have flexible daily time, you can wake up late and no need to attend early morning meeting
  • You helping someone BIG day become extra special
  • You will getting surround by all beautiful things, decoration, wedding cake, wedding gown etc etc
  • You will incredible rewarding if someone BIG day is successfully
  • You will get lots of Clients if your ex-client was satisfied and you will being introduced to another one by your ex clients, so don’t worry about how to have other clients
  • The satisfaction was there if everyone happy
  • You will meet lots of people from various background and everyone will amazed you
  • You will get lots of experience about traveling and stayed at gorgeous place ” for free “

I know there will always be lots of PROs and CONs to be a Wedding Organizer, no matter what. It just how we do with it.









4 thoughts on “Day 28 : Pros and Cons about being Wedding Organizer

    • he eh, 24/7 nya yang kadang ga kuku.. tapi banyak juga sih yang pengertian diatas jam 10 malam dah ga contact, kecuali mungkin weddingnya dah dekat, yah gpp si.. πŸ™‚

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