Day 29 : A day to go


The #30daysblogchallange almost finish, a day to go. Just a thought, i am not too happy with some lately post, seems like i push myself too much  just to write some post. After the #30daysblogchallange, i need to made other challange again. But need to think about it first, which one should i do now, have some in mind, but not yet decided. Like i said before, just there were lots of things i want to do, but i have some limitless also. Ugh..

Doing this for 30 days surely made me little bit suffer for thinking what to write, have some ideas but did not know how to start. And since i push little bit hard, some might be not so good. But well, i made it. Surely will do miss to write continuous, will do my best to write any other post.

I Promise!!!




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