Bak Cang Day

Today is the last day of May 2014, i just submit the post for #InggrisGratis aka GoToEnglandForFree, just wish my luck was there. Maybe YES Maybe NO.

Next week at Monday, June 2nd it is BAK CANG day. Bak Cang is Sticky Rice Dumpling.


Similar with the name, it made from Sticky Rice and the condiments usually are Pork, Mushroom, Salted Egg, Chili, Garlic, Ebi, Peanut. Or if you like the one without condiments inside, you can try Kue Cang, it was only Sticky Rice and then eat with “Kaya” or Sugar. The size is smaller than Bak Cang.


Usually Chinese people celebrating the Bak Cang day and the Dragon Boat Race at the same day, but i have no idea about the race here in Jakarta, but for the Bak Cang, almost every Jakarta Chinese know about this thing. Like to share a Fun Fact about this Bak Cang day.

” At noon time, 12 pm sharp no more or less, wherever you are, you can made the eggs standing “. Wherever you are, means, no matter at China already 2 pm, but at your country still 12 pm, it works. But need lot of patience. Usually the eggs can stand for a while or maybe like half an hour, just put it on a floor, like this.


Try it?




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