I love traveling since i was a kid, but never been to overseas. Indonesia only. My parents always told me to go to China one day and i always refused, just because i really want to go to this ” white people ” country. Later then, Taiwan being my first overseas country. The more i traveling, the more i want to know about every place in the world.

End of August 2014, i went to Guangzhou, my first city in China. As far as i knew, Guangzhou was not a tourist city, it was more like business city. I went there just to accompany my aunt taking her kids to studying there. But hey, opportunity to explore the city was always there. I heard lots of story about China before went there. Bad stories more than good one. But the most that i cannot handle was the Attitude of the local. Try to understand but never succeeded about it. So far, the city amazed me, how they run their government, their business was crazy good. I wasn’t generalized all the people in China. Just told what i saw.

Dirty was the first thing i saw at toilet, just pee without closing the door. Kids was being teached to pee and poo wherever it suitable for them, not really going to toilet. Since it was not clean ( i mean the toilet ) it could be easier for you to find where the toilet was, just follow the bad smell, and TADA.. that’s the toilet. Local people intend to talk LOUDER to each other like yelling.. Don’t care others that around. Some of them won’t talk to you if you asking on other language beside Mandarin. Even if you asked direction in Mandarin, they just pointing the way without looking at you and then told you to go away. Mostly talking like fighting. Ugh… i might survive in first month, second month, either i am become crazy or become like the local attitude..

But it was not happened at tourist place. So if you come just passed by for holiday, don’t worry..

How they survive with that kind attitude? I mean, if they living outside China? I asked some nice people that i met during my time there. The answer was so simple. They will survive, because they were not thinking about going outside China. So they did not worry about the attitude. Somehow the attitude was starting from the elder. So the younger just follow what the elder did.

I am happy, our Indonesian attitude way more polite than theirs.




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