Border Security

Recently i was crazy about watching a documentary about Border Security at Youtube, either it was Australia, America, Canada or UK. Must be finished watching all the season. Well, i mean i cannot find any episode that i never watch before. Since then, i just realize how scary if you are about being stopped at the Custom for any other reason or just for a random check.

Remembering my first time to Australia last year, on my way to Melbourne from Sydney, i was being stopped by an officer, and my backpack was being searched. Cause it was my first time, bit confused ” why me? ” and lately just knew it was just a random check. All my stuffs being removed from my backpack and my backpack being swap by a metal thing and nothing happened. Pack all my stuffs and leave. It happened again this year on my way to New Zealand from Melbourne. This time i wasn’t being stopped, but it just my mistake. To go through the Immigration, usually they got a final checking at Custom for everything, body and backpack or suitcase that you will bring in to the plane. I need to take off my sneakers, my belt and had my body check, pass thru these stuffs, i need to put back my belt and sneakers, just because i was standing at the wrong side, i been called to had a random check.. bag being swap by the metal thingy and nothing happened. Finished the random check, being called to had a airline survey. Yeah, the survey which i need to make a good answer since i fly with that airline to New Zealand.. LOL..

Oh well, dispite all of that things happened to me, after watching this ” Border Security ” i just realise what the problem can happened when you being stopped at the Custom. Either you are being suspected by them because of the nervousness or you come from country that might be carrying something. Chinese people will be the one that always carrying food and not declare, and mostly got fined by not declare. Not declaring your criminal record also made you being refused going into the country, but by declaring also made you in that kind of trouble to entering the country. Just a thought, so if you had criminal record will be hard to enter that top 5 country. Mostly people travel to some country just for 2-3 days also being suspected by carrying drugs.

My opinion, wherever you go, please be honest, pack your bag by yourself ( don’t let your mom do that ) and check the information at the internet about what can bring or not, and don’t try to cheat the Custom. You cannot escaped, you can if you just got that big luck, might be happened 1% from 100% 🙂



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