Goodbye 2015 and Fireworks

1 hour to go to 2016, same like last year, nothing much to do, just staying at home, might be going out for a while to watch fireworks at my area. Not a big fans of celebrating New Year at some cafe or attending New Year Eve event. Been ages since that stuffs.

For me, fireworks is enough. Somehow it will be same like last year, and the year before, nothing much special. But i just like it, twice a year should be enough. Haha.. What is New year without fireworks to celebrate?

Friends of mine always told me to travel somewhere at New Year’s time, to see fireworks from some iconic places, been there done that. Not that fancy about that though, since it just the same with Jakarta. Fireworks always came with lots of people and traffic jam. Hardly going back and stuck. And i always choose to stand at behind. Enjoy the fireworks itself rather than take picture of the fireworks.


Fireworks ( picture by me ) LOL

So let’s welcoming 2016, wishing everyone all the best in every sector.. and all the wishes come true..

Ciao, Inly

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