About Me

A Wedding Organizer, A Traveller, A Dreamer.

Born in Tebing Tinggi Deli, North Sumatra, move to Jakarta when i entered my high school. Been ages since then..

Love traveling, going to a new places and meeting new friends.

Working as a wedding organizer did made me fulfill my dream – traveling and meeting lots of people, though most of my work was in Jakarta 🙂

Still learn how to write and manage my blog.

Dream to be at Rockerfeller Centre when Christmas time and to be at Times Square at New Year Eve.

You can contact me at inlycampbell(at)gmail(dot)com

Cheers, INLY











48 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Inly salam kenal.. maaf baru sekarang mampir2 nya (maklum ga bisa sering2 online ga ada working PC di apt).. cuma bisa pake pas di library aja. trying to save to get a new laptop and internet connection 😀

    sekarang lagi di Jakarta ya? for good kah? 🙂

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