Black or White?

Recently i was back from Bali.. and got sunburn, bad one.. the one that really obvious was my hands and my neck.. Last sunburn i got, also from Bali last January, at my back because i wore tanktop and sunbathing at the beach. This time get worse..

Ok, about the black and white. Just remembering my childhood time, my skin are white, not yellowish, well because i am Chinese. And i always jealous seeing people with yellow or dark exotic skin. Always play under the sun or going out under the sun, but it just hard to get “sunburn” at me. The funniest thing was people intend to get white while i am intend to get dark. Funny, huh?

At my teenage year, i still want become darker, but still not successfull.

Later on, while i start working, i became darker, and that time, i like white skin more than dark skin.. LOL.. Just because the boy that i like was darker than me.. and i did not like to be darker than him.. double LOL..

Now? i did not really care i am white or darker as long as i got good skin.. hihihi.. But well, i still hope that my sunburn was gone, definitely..



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