Day 24 : Kota Tua

Today i was visiting Kota Tua ( means Old City or Old Town ). Never been here before, just always cross by. Found out, the place was excited if it was not really crowded or pack. Nice place to have some picture taken, visiting some museum, just the weather was hot when you arrive at noon time.

I was with a friend came from Egypt, Mark, he said he might want to visit Old Town. And since i never been there also, it might be great idea to spend our Saturday there. Arrive around 9 am something, we straightly go to the area called Old Town, and we walking to the plaza square and took some picture. Looks like today some of the students had a field trip. We walked around, capturing some picture there, like the museum and cafe batavia or you can rent the colourful bicycle, all in cute colours. There was also a human statue, 4 of them are, Stone man, Noni belanda, Pejuang kemerdekaan and Naga bonar. You can took a picture with them but you need to give some tips like money to them, they do really can stand like a statue and not moving at all.

After that, there was a grup of the students approaching us and asking some question like “what is your name?” ” where are you come from?” ” what do you think about Jakarta?” and so on. The question was pointed to Mark. We thought the student might had some tasks from their teacher, first group asking was great, second group was still ok, starting 3rd group was little bit annoyed, and you know what? We are being approaching by 7 groups and it just enuff and kinda annoyed now.. So we just go away and looking for the Museum Bank Indonesia. Before that we are thinking about sipping a cup of coffee at Cafe Batavia, and because of the 7 groups, we need to change the plan.

Arrived safely to Museum Bank Indonesia, it was help us with the air con. No need any entrance fee, but need to fill the guest books. And we not allowed to bring any bag inside. Just your phone and wallet.. From there after we finished the tour, we move to the cafe at downstairs of the Museum BI.

Going to Ragusa with taxi from Old City was a good choices. We have Gado – Gado, some was called this indonesian salad. And we had chicken satay. We didn’t order any ice cream since there was a lot of people waiting for our table.

This was a nice day to accompany Mark and for me to know another museum in Jakarta. And i would like to do another museum visit at night.







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